Bald Eagle Habitat

Just offshore from our point and in plain sight of our swimming area is a small island. On that island high up in a red pine tree is a large nest. The nest was originally built by a pair of osprey several years ago. In 2004 the osprey were evicted -- by a pair of bald eagles!

The eagle family can easily be seen from our shores with the naked eye and fantastic views are available with a modest pair of binoculars. A good zoom or telephoto is needed to get memorable photos. 


Every year since 2004 the eagles have returned in February and Nested. Every year they have hatched one or two eaglets. 


We continue to be thrilled and amazed to watch these beautiful birds soaring about our skies and fishing our waters. Our campers delight us with daily reports of the eaglets progress throughout the summer. By summers end we watch them fly off to points unknown.